• A Home United: Strategies for Couples with Different Beliefs

Dr Robert LaRochelle has a passion for reaching across the lines of division and guiding both sides to a place of dialogue, maybe even a place of agreement. 

Marriage is not an easy merger when the two parties are coming from diverse faith beliefs. Bob LaRochelle brings not only his passion to facilitate communication but also his own personal experience in navigating towards a united home. In his practical way, He does speak to some specific situations but he also discusses some general philosophies on how to communicate constructively.

Connect with Dr. LaRochelle via his FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/ahomeunited 

Reviewers' insights:

While Bob shares insights gained from his own experience, the pathway he shares is lined with questions rather than answers. As he points out, each couples answers will be unique. His book and the questions he asks therein are provided to help couples examine their religious differences and create their own answers. As a clinical psychologist, I often dealt with the marital train after it had gone off the tracks, trying to repair the damage done to the couple, their children, and their families. I would see Bob’s book as an important adjunct to pre-marital counseling or a great engagement gift. Marriage is perhaps the most important contract people sign – A Home United encourages and assists the couple to read the fine print.                   Curtis Brand, PhD., psychologist, author and music man, curtisbrand.com

A slim volume filled with helpful discussion questions, A Home United should spark important conversations for both couples and congregations, as we move together into a more religiously plural country. Bob LaRochelle, a progressive Protestant minister married to a Catholic woman, wrestles with the challenges and affirms the benefits of interfaith families in a way that will be particularly helpful to Christians. But every couple, even those who share a religious denomination, could benefit from tackling LaRochelle’s philosophical, theological and practical questions about how to live together across religious differences.

                                                                                              Susan Katz Miller, author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family

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A Home United: Strategies for Couples with Different Beliefs

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