Category Description

Instructional Material

While Energion Publications makes every effort to ensure that the material we publish can be used in both academic settings and church study groups and classes, some materials are especially suited for specific uses. We tag some of our products Small Group Resources, because they have study guides and other useful material for lay-led small groups. We occasionally use the tag Academic because the material is written with an academic audience in mind, including more complete footnoting and referencing and an approach that addresses questions likely to arise in an academic environment.

Certain book series tend to meet the needs of particular learning environments:

Since our Energion Publications materials come from a variety of theological perspectives, it is a good idea to read the author biography and the book description when you are selecting a book for use. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of a title, e-mail us (, call us at (850) 525-3916, DM us on Twitter, or find us through our Facebook page. We are a small company, and you will normally be able to talk with an editor or with company owner Henry Neufeld.

Finally, you can request an evaluation copy by simply telling us in an e-mail who you are, what class you are anticipating using the material for, and how many students or group members you expect. We almost always approve free evaluation copies.

Within the Instructional Material category, look for these subcategories:

These categories will overlap, especially the latter two, Advanced Religious Education and Academic, as often they serve similar audiences. Educated church members often like to pursue serious study that is of good academic quality and these materials are designed for them.