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World Prayr Inc

World Prayr is a unique Global ministry team seeking out those who need mentoring, prayer and counseling coupled with foundational Biblical teachings. It works hard to help others find the grace God gives each day as we live in a world gone mad. In its mission, it has found that most of those with serious needs are usually disconnected from the Body of Christ. As a result, the team works to help by reconnecting them to an offline local church and/or to a body of fellow believers.

World Prayr is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. It has over 140 members in 18 countries and 70,000 Twitter followers. One person began by just praying for one person and now this internet based ministry sees on the average 25 people per day, 25 calls per hour on weekends and holidays. Outreach began by answering the serious need for a family about to be displaced. On average, 65 stated serious needs per month are answered. Examples include: suicides, a local church need after a flood or tornado, post-abortion support, depression, and financial strain and hurt. It is all about being the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

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