Challenging Poetry from Energion

Well into the Night is a collection of poetry that will call to you from your own depths, and invite you to imagine new things. There is no whitewash here, no charming couplets describing who you’d be if you lived in an Edenic garden, and had never encountered the conflict of good and evil, joy and sadness, success and frustration. It does not call to you with the siren song of one who knows where you ought to go, how you ought to feel, or who has all the answers.

Whether you open this volume to relax on the porch after a workday or take it along when you hike or sit in a waiting room, Poetic Diversities will make the time pass in a good way.

I will go through the house
and turn on all the lights.
Then I will go and turn them off
one by one.
When I come to yours,
I know the tears will fall.
I will sadly turn it off and say,
I love you” and say, “good night.”

(The Empty Nest, p. 18)

What is love?
How does it manifest with children?
With whoever is the mother and father in your life?
How do we experience it when it is miraculous?
When it is tragic?

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