• The Character of Our Discontent

The Character of Our Discontent grew out of the author's conviction that pastors do not preach enough about the Old Testament. The result is 19 chapters, each of which represents a sermon on an Old Testament character. These sermons are lively, fast paced, and practical yet are rooted in sound scholarship and are examples of the homiletical art.

Christians who would like to learn how the Old Testament can enlighten and guide their Christian walk, and pastors who would like to learn how to preach more effectively from the Old Testament will both find these sermons an invaluable aid.

While Dr. Bevere specializes in the New Testament and theology, he believes that pastors (and academics as well) can preach and teach effectively outside their areas of specialty. Indeed, they must, and this teaching can enrich their own learning and the fields of study into which they venture.

The Character of Our Discontent is an adventure in preaching and it invites us into the adventure of living in relationship with God, an adventure that has similar characteristics whether we are learning about God's call to Abraham or how a call to mission in Africa came to a contemporary English teacher nearing retirement.

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    Dr. Bob Cornwall concludes:

    This book of sermons makes for a good, quick, and fruitful read. That is true in large part because, as one would expect in a book of sermons that have been delivered orally, they aren't overly technical. The language is appropriate for a literate but lay audience. And whether or not you agree with the interpretation of one text or another, you will find something of value here.


  • Allan Bevere has a remarkable way of connecting the heart of the Old Testament to the experience of modern Christians. Combining the insight of a skilled interpreter with the perspective of a seasoned preacher, Bevere gives us sermons on Old Testament texts that engage us with their warmth of expression, winsome humor, unflinching realism, and poignant spirituality. This finely-crafted collection opens the Old Testament to those pondering its relevance for Christian faith and practice. It exemplifies how preaching from the Old Testament can shape hearts and lives. And it offers food for the journey to all who desire to walk faithfully with the untamable, unsettling, ever-gracious God who encounters us through its pages. This book is quite a feast!

    Dr. L. Daniel Hawk,
    Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
    Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio

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