Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPES – Circle

Because you have chosen a Circle, your dominant SELFSHAPE™ in Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPE™ categorization system is likely a CIRCLE, a simple all-round shape that is equal from the center point. This is inherently a very “centered’ shape, perennially and pan-culturally associated with spirit and sometimes with religion. Thus the CIRCLE is, like their cousin the OVAL, driven by caring and compassion, yet, like the square, CIRCLES can change very little. Like bubbles, balloons, and wheels with which they are associated, CIRCLES may journey, quest, and pilgrimage both mentally and physically. They may benefit from and sometimes need to rein in a tendency toward flights of fancy or flightiness. CIRCLES usually make sincerely devoted clergy in any faith, yogis, social workers, psychologists, possibly nurses and other caretakers. You can count on their kindness. Families, friends, and organizations must be careful not to take advantage of that natural kindness.

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