Dr Dolly’s Mine Your Memories Column #4

Excerpt: Jack Colbert Life Story

Taking Control

Creek Roots, Airman Wings, Family Heart

By Dolly Haik-Adams Berthelot © May 2003


Young Jack Colbert battled poverty, bigotry, and ignorance, like the soldier he would become. Although parenthood came suddenly and soon, this Creek Indian evolved into an exemplary father, an admirable man, with no model but his own instincts. His instincts tended to be good, and he backed them up with action. Decisive action. Action that improved his life against all odds. Action that saved him—and others–more than once.

Though Jack dropped out of school to supplement his dear mother’s meager income, he has spent a lifetime learning, moving, growing. His experiences span the globe and touch historic eras, major wars. He has hauled nuclear warheads around the world and young bodies back home. As a U.S. Air Force flight engineer, he has flown through typhoons, radiation, and Agent Orange, inhaled debilitating poisons and, finally, breathed a sigh of relief at duties well fulfilled, missions accomplished.

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Header image credit: Image by jplenio from Pixabay Book image: Dolly Berthelot, copyright © 2013.