Energion eBook Information

Energion Publications offers many of our books in ebook format. We don't sell ebooks directly. They are sold by the various distributors and retailers that handle each format.  Each ebook distributor or retailer will have various devices or applications available to use in reading your ebook.

Distributors, Retailers, and Sources of Readers

Energion sells ebooks through the following distributors and their retailers:

  • Amazon.com (Kindle)
    You can find Kindle readers on Amazon.com and readers are available for iPad/iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac.
  • Barnes & Noble (Nook)
    You can find various Nook readers at B&N, and you can view Nook Books on your PC or Android device using one of the Nook Apps.
  • Apple (iTunes/iBooks)
    iTunes/iBooks books can only be read using the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and specific versions. Please read the current notice on the iTunes site before purchasing a book there. The notice on site will provide current information on readers.
  • Google Play/Google Books
    You can download apps to read Google Play books on Android devices, on your PC or for any device equipped with Google Chrome. You can find further information on this page from Google Play Help.
  • Lightning Source (Adobe Digital Editions)
    Use the link above to get the Adobe Digital Editions application for your PC. Books can be purchased from various retailers. We supply one or more retailer link for each book that has an editions for Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Kobo
    You can buy readers on their web site, or applications are available for your PC, tablet, or phone.

eBook Information on Energion Direct

Energion Direct displays ebook editions and lists of books that have ebook editions available. To view lists of books in each format choose one of these links:

  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • Kobo
  • iBooks
  • Adobe Digital Editions (Note: This is now epub format, but the Digital Rights Management is different).
  • Google
On each book page look for the eBook tab which will list retailers where each edition can be purchased. The tabs are directly below the product image.

In addition, there is a menu of ebook lists by price and source on our main news and information site, Energion.com. 

You can browse our books available for Kindle via our Kindle aStore at kindle-store.energion.net.

A small number of our ebooks are available in epub format through the Neufeld Computer Services aer.io store.