• Tales from Jevlir: Oddballs

Simple Risk: Marita is a teenager, or at least she thinks she is. Nobody knows, not even her noble adoptive parents. But she has been arrested near a bank with gold bars bearing the bank's stamp. Now she'll go on trial for armed robbery, and the penalty is death.

The Call: Hedder doesn't have any gifts other than following a plow or silencing a squalling child until the king's knight comes along with a call.

A State of Mind: Laaraalindarinaaz, more commonly known as Lara or even just La needs a weapon to drive the pirates from her village. But can a weapon be more dangerous than the pirates?

In this collection of ten fantasy short stories, eight collected from The Jevlir Caravansary story blog, and two written especially for this collection, the author portrays parts of an alternate universe he created originally for adventure gaming, but which now forms a background for story writing. Each major character illustrates some aspect of the background world. Together they begin to form a tapestry.

These stories are written for fun, not education. They offer the opportunity to play with some different rules and different consequences, and to look at the people such a world might produce.

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ISBN10 1-893729-26-5
ISBN13 978-1-893729-26-1

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