Except for Fornication is a brief study, less than 80 pages, of statements in the Gospels relating to divorce and remarriage. Dr. Parunak examines the background and context of the statements of Jesus regarding divorce, and relates them to the Old Testament commands on which Jesus was commenting. This historical depth and detailed linguistic analysis will prove useful to Bible students, whether or not they ultimately agree with the author's conclusions.

This investigation is laid out as a mystery, with each aspect examined carefully in the light of historical and contextual clues. The author examines texts in the original languages and discusses the use of key words in the relevant literature.

Pastors and lay readers alike will benefit from this thorough study.

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    Van does a wonderful job in drawing the connection between the brief statements of Jesus on divorce and remarriage and the Old Testament Law teachings that He was addressing and His Jewish audience would have been familiar with. This is one of those places in the teaching ministry of Christ where understanding the Old Testament makes a crucial difference in understanding what Jesus was teaching and how it would be understood by His audience.
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    Without missing a beat, Van brings his teaching into the spotlight of Jesus' statements in the Gospels concerning the 'fornication' clause. He also makes a case for the truth and understanding Jesus would have had and taught by examining the evidence from Old Testament scriptures.
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Except for Fornication: The Teaching of the Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage

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