• Reframing A Relevant Faith

Many people expect faith to be inflexible and unchanging. It is relevant because it always has been, at least to them. To admit change is to bring on the end of faith and all of its benefits. Others believe that a relevant faith is by nature shallow and unrooted.

Author and educator Drew Smith disagrees. He believes that it is both possible and necessary to reframe faith in such a way that it is relevant to our present society. At the same time, this reframed faith is still a historic faith. It is definitely not shallow and in fact is rooted deeply in the person and teaching of Jesus. Chapters look at why a faith should be progressive, how it can be rooted in the scriptures, the importance of the person of Jesus, and what this means for the mission of the church. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion, making it easy to use this guide in group study.

Those who are looking for an alternative to an anti-intellectual and narrow Christianity will find in this book an essential and friendly guide.

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Pages 122
ISBN10 1-63199-121-3
ISBN13 978-1-63199-121-9

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