• Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!

Dr. Bob McKibben shares from his heart his understanding of the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit within the local church. Combining his experience as pastor, study, and a commitment to sound Biblical principles, Bob provides a checklist for pastors and churches to use in ministry and worship as they encounter the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is a pastoral rather than a theological work. Sure enough, it has theology in it. The focus, however, is on caring for the Body of Christ as it experiences the abundant grace of God and the magnificent gifts of the of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Review by Joel L. Watts

    The conclusion?

    I can recommend this book, because it presents a middle road into the field which, while I may disagree with some of his doctrinal positions, I agree with him overall that what is going on in much of the pentecostal/charismatic world is entirely unscriptural. Christians must get back to testing things by the words which they purport to hold most dear.


  • Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire! . . . is a book so desperately needed in our time. [Dr. McKibben] speaks with clarity about the Holy Spirit as well as presenting a Biblical and Wesleyan perspective. The fact that he deals with some of the difficult issues such as the gifts of the Holy Spirit is refreshing. I hope that this book will be widely read within local churches and in seminaries. -- Bishop William Morris, United Methodist Church

    Motivated by the warmth of pastoral concern and a passion for Biblical truth, Dr. McKibben has given us a book which stresses the centrality of the Holy Spirit in Christian experience. Anyone interested in distinguishing the Holy Spirit from the Hollywood spirit will want to read this book. -- Dr. Charles Avery, Senior Pastor, Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL

    Bob McKibben deals with the difficult and controversial subject regarding the nature of the Biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit and an examination of the practical theological issues that deal with Him. He speaks from a personal point of view where he has found his theology to be validated by human experience. He gives a good explanation of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and what this means for the believer today. I commend this book as a means for answering questions and stimulating discussion. -- Dr. John Ed Mathison, Senior Pastor, Frazer United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL

    Dr. Robert C. McKibben writes with theological integrity. "Holy Smoke, Unholy Fire" clearly uses the quadrilateral of scripture, tradition, experience and reason. McKibben's use of story draws the reader into a better understanding of the Holy Spirit. It is clear in this resource that being empowered by the Holy Spirit to grow in the image and likeness of Christ means loving God, neighbor and creation and living a life with faithfulness and integrity. It is clearly accessible to people who want to know more. -- Shirley Clements, World Methodist Evangelism

    In dealing with a complex and often divisive issue, Bob McKibben has proven once again that the most profound truths are usually obvious and uncomplicated. Since the first century, the Church has struggled with its understanding of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit, but Dr. McKibben has cut through the prejudice and emotion to give us a solid Biblical and spiritual solution. Whatever you believe about the Holy Spirit, His gifts and manifestations, you need to read this book. -- Mike Roberts, Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Opelika, AL

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