Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPES™ – Parallelogram

Because you have chosen a Parallelogram, your dominant SELFSHAPE in Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPE™ categorization system is likely a PARALLELOGRAM. That’s akin to the Trapezoid in being less familiar and being four-sided with two equal pairs, but in the Parallelogram, two parallel sides are slanted in the same direction, creating a very dynamic diagonal. Thus this SELFSHAPE™ may often seem to be going somewhere in a hurry. Or falling backwards. Seeming to be a more erudite and prescient character (as even the five-syllable name suggests), PARELLELOGRAMS are associated with scholars, professors, consultants, seminar leaders, or researchers, whether academic, scientific, medical, or corporate. They thrive when learning, teaching, and researching at high levels. Imagine a professor mentally reflecting on history or anticipating the future. On the other hand, the suggestion of movement may also conjure professional dancers, whether classical or modern.

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