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  • Allegheny Hideaway

    Iris Elaine Picket lives in a beautiful home, with many servants, and a husband who sees her with the same respect he sees those household slaves. The loss of her child after yet another beating from her husband gives her … Read More
    not rated $16.99 $11.89
  • Covenant

    Do you believe in angels? Do you believe there is good & evil in this world? The primary character of Covenant, Sam McBride, hadn’t given it much thought until he woke up one morning on a beach & had an … Read More
    not rated $17.99 $12.59
  • Megabelt

    Here is the follow-up to the much talked about and read, Megabelt. Five years ago, Nick May wrote about his growing up in what is known as the Bible Belt. The story of Gil, Cal, Everyman, Grey and more resonated … Read More
    not rated $12.99 $9.09
  • Minutemen (Direct)

    MINUTEMEN (Second Edition) is the story of 4 dudes who who get mixed up with a prolific stripper queen and end up making a huge mess with no foreseeable way of escape. Thom, John, Nate and Ezra are reeling from … Read More
    not rated $12.99 $9.09
  • Please Love Me

    Margaret Roe, orphaned at the age of eight, lives her life in the same orphanage where her father was forced to leave her when he went off to fight in the Civil War. Now, fifteen years later, she takes care … Read More
    not rated $14.99 $10.49
  • Prayer Trilogy

    Set in the late 1800’s in Colorado, Prayer Trilogy is the story of the Jenkins and Davidson families, one nearly starving on their farm and the other a prosperous business family in the city of Denver. Neither family is perfect … Read More
    not rated $10.99 $7.69
  • Stories of the Way

    Preview/Retailers Much of the text in the Bible is in the form of stories. From Old Testament tales of the patriarchs to the parables of Jesus, the reader is confronted with a variety of narratives. Even in those places where … Read More
    not rated $12.99 $9.09
  • Tales from Jevlir: Oddballs

    Preview / Retailers Simple Risk: Marita is a teenager, or at least she thinks she is. Nobody knows, not even her noble adoptive parents. But she has been arrested near a bank with gold bars bearing the bank s stamp. … Read More
    not rated $10.99 $7.69
  • The Experiment Station

    Preview / Retailers Is it religious science fiction, fantasy, or a new perspective on life? In an unimportant galaxy, orbiting a minor star, there‚Äôs a beautiful blue planet. On that planet there is something so dangerous that it is watched … Read More
    not rated $7.99 $5.59
  • The Scarab and the Cross

    Preview / Retailers A young vagabond field hand from parts unknown. Onofrio could be any man who found himself in chains in Judea. But many wise men have testified that there is a divine destiny for every person and Onofrio’s … Read More
    not rated $19.99 $13.99
  • The Traveler’s Advance

    Joshua Hawkins is twenty-five years old, a young vice-president for his father’s clothing company, Avarice, and has been given every opportunity to live the American Dream. Joshua Hawkins is twenty-five years old…twenty-five years old, and dead. But Joshua is soon … Read More
    not rated $14.99 $10.49