Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

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Expand your ham radio’s capabilities–even add hundreds of dollars’ worth of value to your equipment–using low-cost Arduino boards

“Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio” introduces hobbyists with no Arduino or programming experience to the exciting possibilities that microcontrollers offer to the amateur radio operator. It starts with a simple micro-controller LCD display and moves up to projects that can add hundreds of dollars’ worth of value and functionality to existing equipment. The book features projects that can take an inexpensive, “rock-bound” CW transceiver that costs $75 and make it perform like rigs that cost more than $400 by expanding the range. Step-by-step instructions for building and programming 17 projects that will enhance the functionality and value of ham radio setups Shows how to use Arduino to create Morse code by typing on a standard keyboard and translate incoming Morse code on an LCD display Code for each project available for download Chapter Titles:
I Don’t Know How to Program
The LCD Shield Project
Station Timer
A General Purpose Panel Meter
Dummy Load
A CW Automatic Keyer
A Morse Code Decoder
A PS2 Keyboard CW Encoder
Project Integration
Universal Relay Shield
A Flexible Sequencer
Rotator Controller
A Directional Watt and SWR Meter
A Simple Frequency Counter
A Portable Solar Power Source
A Suppliers
B Substituting Parts
C Pin Mapping



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