Day of the Dragon (direct)


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What If? What if a very long time ago there existed on this Earth a species as intelligent as Homo sapiens and maybe more intelligent? What if this ancient creature ruled the entire planet and half the solar system? What if this creature’s civilization rose and fell and disappeared into the mists of Time? What if evidence of this lost world remained buried for tens of millions of years? What if – one day – a modern human paleontologist looking for fossilized bones finds an artifact instead? What if this artifact turns up at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, the dividing line between the Age of Mammals and the Age of Reptiles? What if this thing reemerges into the sunlight after being buried for sixty-five million years? It was madness even to contemplate that this man-made thing – no, this dinosaur-made thing – could exist. It was mad, crazy, insane, impossible. But there it was. Day of the Dragon tells this incredible tale….


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