Ham Radio for Dummies

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Learn to: Acquire your license and call sign Send e-mail using your radio Assist with emergency communications Build a personal wireless system for home, mobile, and portable operating

Make international friends, train with technology, and assist in emergencies — become a ham!

Before there was e-mail or Facebook, there was ham radio — used to talk to people around the globe and to communicate during disasters and emergencies. Hams still come to the rescue, but today they can also transmit images, use the Internet, and take advantage of the most powerful private wireless communications capacity in the world. Ready to join the fun? Behind the mic — find out what ham radio is all about, explore the technology, and find a group that shares your interests A ham, I am — join the ranks by preparing for the licensing exam, passing the test, and getting your call sign Listen first — get a feel for what happens on different bands and learn to tune in a signal on SSB, FM, HF, VHF, and UHF It’s a setup — set up your radio and learn about its many features — memory channels, special filters, hands-free operation, and more How you operate — learn the difference between casual operating, operating with intent, and operating specialties You’re the stationmaster — find out how to choose equipment, design your ham shack, and set up a station that works Do good — be ready to help your community in case of an emergency or natural disaster

Open the book and find: The effect of solar and weather conditions on radio waves Translations of ham lingo What an FM repeater is and when to use one All about antennas How to get your e-mail using the radio Tips for mastering Morse code Basic troubleshooting advice Ten secrets beginner hams should know



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