He That Should Come: A Nativity Play in One Act

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In this first of her plays for religious broadcasting, a nativity play, Dorothy L. Sayers wanted to convince listeners of the truth that Christ was born into our deeply problematic world, in his case, in territory overrun by an army of occupation. Although framed as it were by the voices of the three ‘wise men’ asking whether the birth of a particular child could possibly fulfil their desires, the focus of the play is on the conflict of opinion (about roads, taxes, and so forth) expressed by those in the courtyard of the inn at Bethlehem. Joseph is given a most significant role, and it is the shepherds whose gifts are presented when the Holy Family is revealed. “”I am delighted at the long overdue re-publication of Dorothy L. Sayers’ religious plays, which will help make these valuable texts available to the current generation. Let us hope that some theatre enthusiasts will be encouraged to re-stage them “” Suzanne Bray, Lille Catholic University “”As Ann Loades makes clear in her extremely informative introduction, Dorothy L. Sayers’ plays are arguably the place where she did her best theological work. The re-publication of these plays makes it possible again for this remarkable writer to have the readers she so richly deserves.”” Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957), born and educated in Oxford, was an accomplished novelist, poet, playwright, scholar, and Christian apologist. Along with her religious drama, her numerous writings include translations of Dante, detective stories, theological works, and studies of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.



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