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For a study Bible that reflects mainstream scholarship in a technical sense, this Bible is hard to beat. There is always the issue of just how much technical information can be included in a study Bible without making it unusable, but this edition makes excellent trade-offs.

It is much less theological than the New Interpreter’s Study Bible, which leans to theological reflection as opposed to background and technical issues.

Some American readers will not be happy with the very British feel of the English. I am, but that is the English I experienced in my teen years.

I consider this study Bible extremely valuable because it combines notes that many churchgoers will not find familiar with a translation many will not have experienced, both of which will tend to enhance their study experience.

Excellent informational articles extend through page 199 and include:

  • General Articles
    • Reading the Bible
    • Reading This Bible
    • Literary Forms of the Bible
  • Communities in Context
    • Historical Contexts of the Biblical Communities
    • The Contributions of Archaeology
    • Literatrue of the Ancient Near East
    • The Social World of the Old Testament
    • The Social World of the New Testament
  • The Literature of the Biblical Communities
    • Communities and Canon
    • The Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Jewish Literature
    • Early Christian Literature
    • Hebrew Scriptures in Early Post-Biblical Judaism, with Special Reference to the Rabbinic Tradition
    • Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church
  • The Communities’ Experiences of God
    • Deity in the Biblical Communities and among Their Neighbors
    • Torah and Covenant
    • The Phenomenon of Prophecy
    • The Perspective of Wisdom
    • The Apocalyptic Vision
    • Relationship to God: Public and Private Worship

With that kind of range of just the introductory articles, this Bible edition can hardly fail to be a worthwhile addition to your list of study tools.

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This volume combines a cultural guide to the biblical world and an annotated Bible. Its notes feature the reflections of Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish scholars.
* Twenty-three insightful articles on aspects of the history, literary background, and culture of the biblical era.
* A special index of people, places, and themes of the Bible.
* 36 pages of full-color New Oxford Bible Maps, with index.



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