The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica

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Kristin De Troyer
— University of St. Andrews -This finely revised and nicely updated version of one of the classics in our field can truly be called a grand introduction to the history of the biblical text.-

Leonard Greenspoon
— Creighton University
-Readers familiar with Wurthwein’s earlier work will discover all of the strengths of his approach to Biblical Hebrew. Old and new readers will enjoy the thoroughly up-to-date discussion of the aims and methods of textual criticism as well as the unbiased analysis of ancient versions and their modern scholarly editions. Beautifully reproduced plates are easy to read, and the updated bibliography is satisfyingly full. . . . This successful project can be easily digested by newcomers and savored by specialists.-

Robert L. Hubbard
— North Park Theological Seminary
-A very welcome, thorough revision of the long-honored standard introduction to the Masoretic text. Its integration of recent scholarship is first-rate, and the rewritten text retains the clear, accessible style that won its predecessors decades of popularity as a textbook. Yet another generation of students will find in this book a friendly, reliable guide through the complex terrain of ancient Hebrew texts and their relationships. Highly commended.-

The Bible Today
-Every scholar and serious Bible student should have a passing knowledge of the work of the text critic. This book will provide such knowledge.-

Books at a Glance
-An important, up-to-date resource that will benefit everyone interested in Old Testament Textual criticism. The excellent bibliography, diagrams, and plates are unique contributions among introductory works in the field. Highly recommended.-



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