Unjumbling the Gospels: Matthew



Author: Steve Kindle

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Buy the course section on the Gospel of Matthew only. See below for a list of the available course modules and for the option to order the entire Unjumbling the Gospels course.

Energion Courses presents Unjumbling the Gospels by Rev. Steve Kindle. For details about the course, please see Unjumbling the Gospels in the Energion Courses Biblical Channel.

Note: Course registrations are handled manually. Your card is charged immediately, and you will receive an email from us within 24 hours. This course, the first for our channel, will be activated on the following schedule:

Part One: Why are there four Gospels and not just one? The source
of confusion in our minds AVAILABLE NOW
Part Two: MARK: The way of a disciple AVAILABLE NOW
Part Three: MATTHEW: What’s a Jewish follower of Jesus to do?
AVAILABLE January 4, 2023
Part Four: LUKE—Negotiating the Roman Empire (with the help of
Acts) AVAILABLE February 15, 2023
Part Five: JOHN—The Incarnation of the Wisdom of
God AVAILABLE March 29, 2023

An order from this page is for the course section on Matthew only. The price for each section is $197, but with our choose your own price option, you can pay as little as $30. You can order the entire course for as little as $99 here.

Email steve@energion.co for further information or with any questions.


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