You Mean I Dont Have to Tithe?: A Deconstruction of Tithing and a Reconstruction of Post-Tithe Giving


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Tithing is a well-known church practice in our day and age, but do church-goers really practice it? When did the concept of tithing begin? How is it justified? What does the Bible say about it? You Mean I Don’t Have to Tithe? is a detailed study on the controversial topic of tithing, covering over 2,000 years of well-known theologians regarding this topic. Dr. Croteau’s intense tithing investigation will enable you to explore tithing and related topics in-depth, expounding many misconceptions of tithing as well as aiding in a correct understanding of this popular topic. “”David Croteau’s study promises to be the definitive work on tithing for years to come. Croteau provides a thorough survey of the history of scholarship on the issue, exegetes all relevant biblical texts, and discusses all the major systematic theological issues at stake. But Croteau does not stop there. He sets tithing within the framework of the larger pattern of New Covenant giving, which renders his study not merely academically significant but also immensely practical. For all those interested in the subject of giving, tithing, and financial Christian stewardship, this is a must-read-highly recommended.”” –Andreas J. Kostenberger Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary “”Argumentation is extremely thorough and persuasive . . . the amount of material surveyed especially in recent American church history is exemplary. . . . The positions articulated are eminently defensible and indeed superbly defended. An important contribution in the current American and SBC Southern Baptist Convention] conversation and milieu.”” –Craig Blomberg Denver Seminary “”David Croteau is an engaging young scholar who has done some careful thinking regarding the biblical concept of stewardship. For example, his twenty principles of giving in chapter 5 provide a handy, succinct summary of his research.”” –Gary Habermas Liberty University “”Are Christians obligated to tithe? David Croteau thinks not, and argues that it is only our traditionalism that prevents us from following the biblical instructions about giving. The New Covenant foundation for giving is always relationship-driven, grace-driven, and love-driven. “”Radical obedience is required,”” the author states. But Christians who give less than 10 percent “”do not sin.”” I am impressed with Mr. Croteau’s work. It offers valid, profound, and inspiring direction to all and especially evangelical Christians.”” –David Alan Black Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary “”Since one’s view of giving or tithing often is the consequence and application of their theological system, and since there is no agreement on this issue, this is a discussion that can contribute to the practice of the church. Not only will students of theology and divinity in colleges and seminaries be able to make use of such a volume, but clergy and other practitioners in the church will be able to profit from such a volume as well. This is an issue that is raised by Christians in the church every week when the offering or collection plate is distributed. David Croteau possesses the theological skills necessary to develop the theological guide through the various issues in a manner that is not only informative, but also irenic and impartial.”” –Wayne G. Strickland Multnomah Bible College David A. Croteau (PhD Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He edited and contributed to the forthcoming Perspective on Tithing and contributed to What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About (2008).



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