July 2010

Mission/Ministry: Renee Crosby: Author and Leader

Renee Crosby
Renee Crosby is a Christian Bible teacher. She enjoys teaching the Word of God in any way, in any place, at any time she can. She is currently enrolled at Asbury Theological Seminary working towards her Master’s degree in Theology to become a Deacon in the United Methodist church.
BSP: Soup Kitchen for the Soul begins as your testimony about how you found a closer relationship with God when you served at a local soup kitchen. What did you do at the soup kitchen?
RC: It began with my husband and me standing behind the glass serving partition and just spooning out food. My son, then 6-years-old, was standing at the front of the serving line greeting each person. We dropped in over the next two weeks and helped out.
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Editor’s Table

Once or twice in a life time an opportunity comes along to say, “Yes” and a job merges with something that has been a life-long love. I am beginning a season like that. I am humbled that God would give me such a gift.
God has gifted each of us for service in His Kingdom. He did not pick out gifts haphazardly. He did not ‘match up’ gifts and child randomly. He has a plan. He has a purpose for our lives.

Atlanta: “Come Find Peace with the Father…”

These words came to me this morning–words from the song by Sidewalk Prophets. As I am writing this month’s article, I am sitting in a mountain house with Dog Creek right outside my window. Not my usual abode, so that means that the rubber has hit the road! Much to the chagrin of my wonderful editor and friend, this deadline almost passed me by. I’ll be writing about this trip for months to come, if she doesn’t fire me!
During the last few weeks, many opportunities have presented themselves for that to happen, which means more stories for our readers!

Youth/Young Adults

The Word became flesh, and lived among us. We saw his glory, such glory as of the one and only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14 (WEB)
Emily Capes, Director of Youth Ministries at First United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL took some time in her busy schedule and to share her heart for the young adults and the ministry to which God has called them.

Bible Q & A:

Each month we will pose a question to our featured ‘professor’. We welcome questions from our readers. Send in your questions!

Henry Neufeld
Featured Teacher:
Henry Neufeld, BA and MA degrees in Biblical Languages, owner and editor of Energion Publications, written or co-authored ten books, including What’s in a Version?, When People Speak for God, Participatory Study Guide Series: Hebrews and Revelation.
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