September 2010

Mission/Ministry:Three Pastors

From the Editor:This month, Bible Study Paths, is excited to share with our readers the ministry of not one but three pastors! While they all happen to be Methodist, each has an individual background, an individual call on their life from God, and is part of the leadership in their fellowships that are obedient to the mission that God has given to their individual congregation.
We gave each pastor the same questions and put no constraints on how they answered. Come on in and sit down with these anointed shepherds and listen with your spiritual ears.
Allan R. Bevere
Cindy Watson
Ted E. Wood
Dr. Allan Bevere is pastor at First United Methodist Church, Cambridge, OH.
Rev. Cindy Watson is pastor at West Heights United Methodist Church, Wichita, KS.
Rev. Ted Wood is pastor at Rockledge United Methodist Church, Rockledge, FL.

Bible Q & A

Each month we will pose a question to our featured ‘professor’.  This month we will give the question to our three pastors, Dr. Bevere, Rev. Watson, and Rev. Wood.  We welcome questions from our readers, so send in your questions!

BSP: How does the UMC appointment system today compare to what you believe was practiced in the 1st century church?

Dr. Allan Bevere:
The modern itineracy system is based upon the idea that Christ has endowed the church with divine discernment.
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Rev. Cindy Watson:

I do not think the U.M. appointment system can be compared to the early church.

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Rev. Ted Wood:

As I understand it, in the first century church based its understanding of leadership on spiritual gifts, the calling of the individual, and even the general authority of all believers to go and preach the gospel, as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28.

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The Rubber Meets the Road

Iris Lloyd
On the road every month, Iris will quickly tell you that she never knows what adventure God may have in mind when He and she set off on their many trips. BSP has asked Iris to share the many towns and people she meets with us. We may find a good restaurant to tempt our appetites. Iris may show us a wondrous site off a little known road. We will certainly meet God as He is out and about with His children! Behind the descriptive words and beautiful pictures, we will surely hear from God if we have ears to hear. – Editor
IL: Sometimes, a picture can tell a better story than any author. This month, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.  These photographs were taken in various parts of North Carolina and Tennessee. I’m not a Methodist anymore, but He sure led me to some places that were full of Methodists on this trip! Lake Junaluska and the surrounding areas are full of rich history involving one, if not the oldest, denomination in our country’s history. I hope you enjoy these photos and that He reveals something special to you as you look at them. Maybe they will inspire you to see things through His eyes in your own corner of the world. And after all, isn’t there where the rubber meets the road?
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