First Issue – February 2010

Mission/Ministry: Greg’s Fishin’ Hole

Greg at the fishin hole barOn an unassuming street, a mile or so as the gull flies from the white sugar sand beaches of Panama City, Florida, is a place where everyone could come to know your name! It is known as The Fishin’ Hole. Greg May, saved Christian, husband, father, grandfather, postman, and well-loved friend of countless souls has taken his garage and made it into a place that is warm and welcoming for Believers and non-believers alike.
One Saturday night, my husband, Henry and I, visited The Fishin’ Hole. The cold cola and world famous nachos were in front of me almost before I could find my stool. The place quickly filled with old and young, men and women, laughter and hugs. I can’t wait to go again!
BSP: How did Greg’s Fishin Hole come about?
Greg: Jody, the best way I can explain how the Fishin Hole came about is my blog Crewed Awakening. The Fishin Hole is the manifestation of the rivers of my life coming together. What a revelation in my life to see how God has been working all along!

Bible Path Award

Bible Study Path Award 2010 Close Up




Energion Publications, its staff and subsidiaries have established the Bible Path Award. We ask that you, our customers and friends, nominate an individual who personifies the passion of God’s Word, in all its facets, which is to be living and active in our lives.

Rubber Meets the Road

Rockwell Mural at the UN Building - Photo courtesy of Iris Lloyd
Black asphalt, solid yellow lines, and dashes of white—a road for all practical purposes but metaphorically-speaking, the picture described represents Life. This column explores prophetic intercession, from its foundations to its application into today’s world and your part in God’s plan in this Kingdom ministry.
Prophetic Intercession. Two words that most people may not fully comprehend when they are used alone, so bringing them together generally does not bring about widespread understanding or acceptance. …

Youth/Young Adults

ICON Worship Service, First UMC Pensacola, Jeb Hunt and Scott McBrideCome! NOW is the time!
It is my prayer that this area of the webzine will primarily be created and written by the age group for which it is intended. I invite youth and young adult leaders and peers to bring devotions and articles that will minister to each other.
When I was a teen, the Sunday School teachers that I had taught, year after year, the Ten Commandments. It seemed like they thought if they drilled the words of those ten commands into our heads then we wouldn’t disobey them. Questions about how we were to walk out that ‘holiness’ in our day-to-day lives were not welcome. They did not know how to answer the question. Bible study was not a part of the class. We were just to do what we were told.

Bible Q & A

Each month we will pose a question to our featured ‘professor’.  We welcome questions from our readers.  Send in your questions!
Featured Teacher: Henry Neufeld, BA and MA degrees in Biblical Languages, owner and editor of Energion Publications, written or co-authored ten books, including What’s in a Version?, When People Speak for God, Participatory Study Guide Series: Hebrews and Revelation.
Henry NeufeldHow much time should I put into Bible study if I want to “grow” as a Christian?
This question reminds me of another one. How long should your legs be? Long enough to reach the ground, of course!
But frequently when I hear this question — and I do hear it quite often — I hear a subtext that is asking “How little Bible study time can I get by with and still grow spiritually?” If that’s your question, then let me just say that spiritual growth is not something that happens on a schedule, and as long as you’re looking for minimums you’re going to find that growth is very difficult. You might ask instead how much of your life you must surrender to Jesus. Now it might take a long time for your life to be 100% surrendered, but complete surrender is always the goal.
A better question might be …

Editor’s Table: Finding Answers in my Life

I have tried to put this piece on a back burner and let it come at a later edition – but it will not let me rest! Within my family we are wrestling with major decisions and freely admitting that we want God’s answer because we are clueless in our own reasoning. In my nursing job, I hear people ask co-workers for advice. They ask people who don’t know them and do not have the same value system. They ask them for answers to life-changing questions! How do I find answers in my life?
The Sunday School answer is: Ask Jesus. …