The words of Scripture are both inspired and inspiring. Too often, as we defend the former, we forget the latter. We read Scripture to absorb facts, settle doctrinal disputes, and organize church life.

Be Inspired through Reflection

In Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows, Wanda Thompson brings the power of photography, art, and poetry to our experience of Scripture, and through it, the God of Scripture. Using stunning photography, graphite drawings, and watercolors, she brings us into closer touch with the God whose eye is on the sparrow, who created dandelions, and who wants to be in fellowship with us.

This book is a beautiful, and yes, a fun experience. At the same time, it will lead to deeper reflection on our Creator. You’ll find yourself coming back to these images and the verses that accompany them again and again.

Because we’re excited about this book, and because of the incredible interest it has generated in many different ways, among so many different people, we have released it in four editions. These editions respond to different needs.

The Deluxe Edition

“Wow! Just wow!”

“How can she do that with just a leaf?”

“I just want to sit here and look at this!”

The Deluxe Edition fulfills our original idea for this book here at Energion Publications — a powerful, inspirational, and gorgeous book of photography and art. The focus of this edition is on presenting the artwork in the best possible light and in making the book durable as a book to be displayed on your coffee table, or in other places where it is likely to be handled frequently over a long period of time.

This edition accomplishes this goal. With the superior quality printing done by Signature Book Printing in Gaithersburg, Maryland on 100# high gloss paper, bound with a sold case laminate hardcover using resilient coating, this is a product that is beautiful and durable. The printed pages are 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

The suggested retail price is $49.99, but through this page you can purchase it directly from us for just $40 shipped. (Florida residents will be charged sales tax at checkout.)

This edition is also good for libraries (but see below for our library edition) and for your business waiting room. You can provide an inspiring picture for those who have to spend time waiting for their appointments by providing copies of this book for their enjoyment.

The Library Edition

Our Library Edition is just that. Using a solid case laminate cover, which many libraries prefer, it is suitable for library shelves or for those who like a solid, hardcover book in their hands, but find lighter, less glossy paper acceptable. Using a premium quality digital print-on-demand process on 70# white non-gloss paper, this book is an excellent compromise between cost and beauty. You can read the powerful verse, while enjoying quality art. Printed pages are 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

The suggested retail for this edition is $34.99, and it is available here shipped for $30, with sales tax applied as appropriate.

Besides libraries, this is a cost effective way to enjoy the book in your home or your business waiting room.

The Premium Paperback Edition

We took one more step in making the book available in a cost-effective, yet beautiful format, thinking especially of those who might want the book for their own library, where it will be handled with care, or in waiting rooms where copies find get “carried away,” so to speak. The result was the Premium Paperback Edition. The interior pages of this book are on the same 70# non-gloss white paper, using the same premium printing process as for the library edition, but the book is perfect-bound paperback.

The suggested retail for this edition is $29.99, and it is available here shipped for $25, with sales tax as appropriate.

The key here is cost effectiveness!

The Devotional Edition

“How does she find just the right word for everything?”

“Do you have a copy my mother can keep on her bedside table in the assisted living facility?”

The Devotional Edition is our response to demand from customers as we started to sell the other editions.  These customers wanted an edition in a more convenient size for devotional use, and for readers who focused on the verse more than the art. The result was this 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch edition. It is printed with a standard quality digital print-on-demand process and is a perfect bound paperback that is light and convenient to read and to carry.

The suggested retail for this edition is $9.99, and we are selling it here for that price, but providing free shipping. Again, sales tax will be collected on checkout as appropriate.

This edition aims to allow you to appreciate the verse conveniently, and enjoy beautiful illustrations.