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  • Fifty Shades of Grace


    Fifty Shades of Grace provides a scriptural look at what the Bible says about relationships. Too often in the education of relationships, abusive and unhealthy relationships if discussed are not done so with enough depth. This book will compare what society tells us, in the form of entertainment and media, with what God tells us…

  • The Vicar of Tent Town


    What would you think if your pastor spent the night in tent town? Pastor Shauna Hyde brings her experience in, not only ministering to the homeless, but becoming such a welcome part of their world, that she is known as “The Vicar of Tent Town.” I struggle to be accepting and understanding when organizations refuse…

  • Victim No More - Front Cover

    Victim No More!


    A Colorado native, Shauna Hyde grew up with three brothers, no sisters, and a father who was a pastor of a local community church. She was taught that women married for life and no woman she knew was a pastor. This ‘normal’ crashed around her when her first husband left her with a newborn baby…