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Victim No More!



Author: Shauna Marie Hyde

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A Colorado native, Shauna Hyde grew up with three brothers, no sisters, and a father who was a pastor of a local community church. She was taught that women married for life and no woman she knew was a pastor. This ‘normal’ crashed around her when her first husband left her with a newborn baby to raise alone. Her second husband confessed his unfaithfulness; again her world hit a bruising reality wall despite her efforts to be the ‘best little wife’. Shauna started studying karate and began to see a correlation between the two disciplines that opened her soul to be empowered by the grace of God. God, in turn, taught her and used her to empower others.”As a United Methodist minister who is also a black belt in Shota Kahn karate I am often asked how I can be both a martial artist and a pastor. There have been a lot of jokes about how I will force people to the altar or smack people who get out of line. Then there is always the joke about no one wanting to disobey me in the church because I know how to hurt them In reality, anyone who is a true martial artist and/or has a deep understanding of the martial arts knows that it is not about violence – it is about mercy, self-discipline, a lot of routine practice, and a whole other host of characteristics that I would like to address in this book].”Shauna shares what she has learned with a solid Biblical foundation through thought-provoking questions that work well individually and with small groups. “Karate is a tool that can help people grow, understand, and become disciplined. Church is a tool that also helps people grow, understand, and become disciplined. The greatest tool of all to be used to empower others is the constant and abundant application of grace.”


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