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Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel



Author: Bruce Epperly

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Is there a guide to Christian ministry that is both relevant and rooted in church history? Bruce Epperly believes that Acts of the Apostles can be a transformative book, a true gospel for the 21st century.

In Healing Marks (Energion Publications, 2012), Dr. Bruce Epperly challenged Christians to take the healings of Jesus seriously as a pattern for how we can become healing communities. Now he turns to the book of Acts as a pattern for the church in the 21st century. He says, “I believe that Acts of the Apostles provides a fluid, open-spirited, and holistic faith for twenty-first-century people as well as a vision for congregational transformation and renewal. Anything can happen to those who follow Jesus. Life is adventurous, surprising, and interesting. Worship leads to mission and mission challenges narrow-mindedness and self-imposed limitations. For those who embrace the spirit of Acts of the Apostles, worship will never be boring and every day will be a holy adventure.”

This book is not just an exposition of the book of Acts. It is a call to action. But it is more than that. It draws from the lessons of the early church a plan of individual and communal action to live an adventurous life of faith and to change the world. Each chapter includes activities to help you apply the content to your life and mission. Labeled “Transforming Acts” these point to the transforming acts you can take in your personal or congregational life.Acts is a story of a small group of people who set out to do what appeared humanly impossible – change their world. In this book, you are invited to become a part of that story, attempt the humanly impossible, and bring transformation and renewal to the church and the entire world.

Anyone in church leadership can benefit from the lessons of this powerful book.



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