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From Bangkok to Bishkek, Budapest to Bogotá


A comprehensive history of international English-speaking congregations worldwide.


Author: Kenneth D. MacHarg

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Subtitle: The compelling story of International Congregations

Where would you go to church if you found yourself far from home, in another country, perhaps one with a different language than you know?

Many people have that question as they travel, or as they live and work around the world. The body of Christ has not been inactive in providing for their need. Around the world, international churches have been planted, serving the needs of diverse, mobile congregations, speaking multiple languages, but finding themselves in one place and of one accord for the gospel.

From Bangkok to Bishkek, Budapest to Bogotá is the fascinating and inspiring history of the over 2,000 international, English language, Protestant churches scattered in almost every non-English-speaking country around the world. Serving expatriates, travelers, students and others who live outside their homeland, these churches, while often unknown or recognized, provide a compelling story of ministry not only to expats but to English-speaking local citizens as well.

This history, and these stories, will inspire you and energize you with the realization of the way in which God’s work is carried out in so many different localities and situations. Pastors, missionaries, business travelers, and international students can all benefit from reading this book, while researchers looking into the work of the church around the world will find a wealth of historical information, much of it first hand.

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