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Sharing the Good News

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The Church’s Charge for Missions

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Expected Release Date: May 7, 2024

Author: William Powell Tuck

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What is the primary mission of the church? In this book author William Powell Tuck argues for the significance of the church’s mission to proclaim the good news of God’s reconciliation with the world through Jesus Christ.

To place this mission in historical and theological context, the author explores various biblical stories that highlight the importance of carrying out the church’s missional calling. He argues that the church must reclaim its calling to share the good news, especially in a world that has largely lost the true message and meaning for which the Church was founded. He insights into understanding biblical characters, the sweep of Christ’s love, and the role of reconciliation in the context of God’s eternal plan of redemption. Tuck also discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on churches and congregations and provides suggestions for how the church can re-engage in its mission effectively in a post-pandemic world.

The message of this book is presented with biblical depth, pastoral compassion, and the potential to inspire and challenge readers to embrace the church’s mission of sharing the good news. It’s broad view of biblical history makes it helpful for understanding the broad sweep of the Bible’s message. It’s practical presentation makes it useful for any church leader, and in fact for any Christian who wants to embrace Christ’s call to reach the world.


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