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    The Church’s Charge for Missions

  • A Cup of Cold Water: Being Jesus to the “Least of These”


    A “chance” meeting with a thirsty little girl on a back street in Haiti and God’s plan is received by the author, forever changing his life and that of his family. “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup and of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to…

  • A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions


    Many Christians have grown up with a very limited concept of “missions” and “missionaries.” In this view a missionary is a person who goes and preaches to lots of people, often in primitive lands, and explains the theology of the gospel. The natives are convinced and become Christians. Thus the gospel commission is fulfilled. Actual…

  • Christianity: The Basics


    In Christianity: The Basics, Elgin Hushbeck presents the basic doctrines that have defined orthodox Christianity down through the ages, giving a basic defense for this core of the Christian Faith. He also addresses questions such as can we really know and understand what the Bible teaches; isn’t it all just a matter of interpretation; and…

  • Directed Paths


    You have heard people claim to live a life of prayer, but does prayer actually make a difference? Do real people carry out their lives guided by prayer and God’s providence? Author Myrtle Blabey Neufeld lived just such a life and has written the stories of many of her experiences as a missionary nurse married…

  • Faith in the Public Square


    Preview / Retailers What happens when a newspaper editor gives his primary editorial slot on Sundays to a pastor? In the case of Bob Cornwall, a pastor in Troy, Michigan, the result is a series of relevant, interesting, and challenging essays that go well beyond the local scene while still managing to be relevant to…

  • I Know We’re All Welcome at the Table, But Do I Have to Sit Next to You?


    The world today is filled with angry voices, voices that often call for isolation and even violence against those who differ from us by race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or lifestyle. At the same time there are many voices that call for us to change, to make peace, to open ourselves up to others and…

  • La Historia de Mi Vida


    La Historia de mi Vida por Becky Lynn Black no es la autobiografia de una celebridad. Es algo mucho mejor. La historia de Becky es un testimonio. Y el poder llegar a ser vencedores a traves de la palabra de nuestro testimonio es una promesa (Apocalipsis 12:12). Un testimonio no solo se trata de una…

  • My Life Story


    My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black isn’t a celebrity autobiography. It’s better. Becky’s story is a testimony. We are promised we can overcome through the word of our testimonies (Rev. 12:11). A testimony doesn’t just tell a story to satisfy curiosity. It presents a divine call. The story in this book will call you…

  • Researching Abroad: Tips and Tools for the Trade


    The plane has landed, the boxes are unpacked, and you’re finally doing what you prepared for years to do, teach in a distant classroom. This preparation- aside from a decade or more of post high school education-included conferences, extensive research, advice from seasoned travelers, interviews, and hours of family discussions and prayers. One notable omission…

  • Soup Kitchen for the Soul


    Soup Kitchen for the Soul combines testimony with a challenging scriptural foundation and follows it with specific guidance on how you can get out of your church and make a difference in your community. Each chapter builds on a Bible story and the author’s personal experience, and ends with thought questions, and then action questions….

  • The Caregiver’s Beatitudes


    Cancer. Stroke. Alzheimer’s. These are just three in the list of too many diagnoses that cause the lives of the patient and their caregivers to tilt in the unexpected storm. This put me in a role in which I don’t think I really have ever excelled at. I’m the big strong daddy, the strong and…