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Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care?


Is renewal possible for a church threatened with closure?


Author: Bob LaRochelle

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Your church is dying! Should you just give up and close the doors?

Dr. Robert LaRochelle thinks there are more answers and more options. In this book, he draws from a lifetime of experience as a teacher, pastor, counselor, and writer to offer ideas and strategies to make the church a caring presence in your community and to revive and sustain what many may have regarded as a dying church.

From worship to Christian education, from the elderly members to the youngest, and with consideration and concern from multiple denominations and communities, Dr. LaRochelle builds a case for a continuing caring presence of the church in our communities.

This book will be encouraging to those who seek new strategies to meet the changing needs of their 21st century congregations. With that encouragement, it will provide practical advice. If a church must close, it will help congregants work together to continue in their work of sharing, ministry, and service to one another and to their community.

This book is designed for anyone who is interested in keeping the ministry of the many churches in America alive and helping them grow and change. Church leaders and pastors will be especially blessed.


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