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The Rebirth of the Church



Author: William Powell Tuck

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Subtitle: Responding to the Call of Christian Discipleship

Many negative voices predict the demise of the church, or even claiming it has already happened. Is this negative assessment accurate? Is there hope for the church?

William Powell Tuck believes that there is. Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a pastor, honed by research, teaching at the seminary level, and writing, he provides a roadmap for the church to be both faithful and to speak clearly in the 21st century. The presentation is rooted in scripture, theologically informed, and fully aware of the reality that churches face today.

This is not your dry text on ecclesiology. While it could serve as a text for a seminary class, the class would be a practical class about how to reform the church and reach out to a world in need.

This book is an exceptional resource for pastors, but it would also provide an excellent basis for a churchwide study, helping a congregation to extend their witness.


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