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Beginning and Ending a Pastorate



Author: William Powell Tuck

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Changing pastors is a critical time in the life of a church, with opportunities for misunderstanding between the congregation and the incoming and outgoing pastors.

In this short volume, Dr. Tuck draws on his experience in all phases of this transition to help pastors and congregations understand the process and learn to work together to make such change successful. He addresses the role of the interim pastor, of the church leaders, and the departing and incoming pastors.

While this time of change can be a challenge, and in some churches has had negative results, this book provides a guide to the attitudes and actions that will make this an opportunity for growth, new ministry, and continuing spiritual transformation. As a volume in the Conversations in Ministry Series, edited by a committee from the Academy of Parish Clergy, it is selected by parish pastors for parish pastors, and designed for your busy schedule.

If you are a pastor and are facing a change of this nature or are a leader in a congregation that is experiencing or about to experience such a transition, Beginning and Ending a Pastorate will provide you with clear, practical, scripturally based, and theologically sound advice for every step of the way. It is, as one reviewer noted, a worthy guide.


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