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From Here to Eternity: Preparing for the Next Adventure (Direct)


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All of humanity lives with the certainty of death.

In this world we do not live forever. But what happens afterward? Is there something beyond the grave? How should we react to the loss of loved ones, whether through an untimely accident or old age?

With one foot in the world of theological reflection and the other in the untidy nature of daily life and of spirituality in action, Dr. Bruce Epperly embraces hope while recognizing fear, adventure even in lives touched by regret, and confidence in the face of uncertainty to help us explore the possibilities a loving God has placed before us. We can grieve our loss while looking forward with joy. We can acknowledge what we don’t know, while expecting more than we are able to imagine.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens next, this is the book for you.

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Hardback (Case Laminate), Paperback


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