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The Only Thing That Matters Is Heaven



Author: Terrell Carter

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Subtitle: Rethinking Sin, Death, Hell, Redemption, and Salvation for All Creation

Is heaven a place, somewhere we go? Is it a future goal, attainable only after this life ends?

Pastor and educator Dr. Terrell Carter looks at this issue with a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s precision, looking at what the Bible teaches us and how this might relate to how we live, act, and worship today. In the process, he introduces readers to such theological terms as Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God. Why a kingdom? Read this book to find out.

In each chapter of this book, you’ll learn something new about how the Bible speaks about heaven and the afterlife. You’ll read the parables of Jesus on this topic with a new vision. You’ll find things in the book of Revelation that you might have been missing. And you’ll find all this in an easy to read style.

This book is a good, quick read for those who are in hurry for an introduction, and it provides a sound basis for a short study on heaven, the afterlife, and life on earth in the meantime for a small study group.


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