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Seventh-day Adventists Interpreting Scripture and Establishing Fundamental Doctrines



Author: Edward W. H. Vick

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What are the key experiences that have defined the traditional Seventh-day Adventist approach to hermeneutics?

Veteran Seventh-day Adventist theologian and philosopher Edward W. H. Vick provides a brief answer to this question in this short book, with only 64 pages of text. Tracing the way interpretation was done starting with the Millerite movement in the 1840s, and working through the influence of Ellen G. White and others, Vick suggests that the hermeneutic used was self-confirming. Each apparent problem solved resulted in further faith in the method.

As a result, among traditional Adventists, hermeneutics has taken a particular shape which locks in this set of doctrines, and the doctrines, in turn, uphold the hermeneutic.

This book will be especially helpful to Seventh-day Adventists who want to communicate with biblical scholars and theologians outside of their community. It will be of help to those who are not Adventists in understanding the nature and tenacity of SDA hermeneutics.


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