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By Grace Through Faith


Author: Edward W. H. Vick

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What is justification in Christian thought and theology? What does this mean for our thinking and living? Is grace enough?

In Justification: By Grace Through Faith, Dr. Edward Vick looks at this with the eye of a biblical scholar, a theologian, and a philosopher, carefully discussing and integrating the various definitions to provide a precise depiction of the Christian doctrine of justification by grace through faith.

This book resulted from notes made for a seminary class many years ago, and as such it is designed to answer the questions that seeking minds and likely to want answered. Rather than simply proposing and defending a specific theory, you will find here a detailed discussion of the important elements of this doctrine.

Dr. Vick strives above all to center the discussion in Christ and to bring clarity by examining those issues that can distract a student, and dealing faithfully and fairly with various points of view.

This text will be valuable for any one, or any group, that wants to make a serious study of salvation and particularly the place of justification.

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