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The Authority of Scripture in a Postmodern Age: Some Help from Karl Barth


With some help from Karl Barth, Bob Cornwall helps us think about the authority of scripture in the 21st century.


Author: Robert D. Cornwall

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Preview this titleCan the Bible speak to people in this postmodern age?

Are we doomed to a choice between rigid fundamentalism and complete rejection of this foundational source for Christianity? Bob Cornwall has found that he can take the Bible seriously in his ministry, and yet avoid such controversial labels as “inerrancy” or “infallibility.” Taking his vocabulary and direction from the work of Karl Barth, he charts a course toward a serious study and use of scripture that embraces historical-critical methology, but at the same time expects God to speak through the text in ways that will change our lives and minister to this postmodern age.

This is a quick read, but has serious depth on this important topic.

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