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Grief: Finding the Candle of Light



Author: Jody Neufeld

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Are you separated from someone you love: mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, friend, pet? Separated from a career you love? Separated from a home you love? Separated from the life you thought would continue on the road you were traveling? If you are, then you are dealing with grief.

Grief is the sorrow and suffering that must be walked THROUGH by everyone who has experienced a loss. The walk is characterized by alone-ness (no one can do it for you), timelessness (there are no short-cuts but there may be detours), and darkness (each path is unique to that person). This small, concise book will give you practical strategies to use in dealing with your particular grief.

Author Jody Neufeld says: “God gives us simple directions as we walk through the valley of grief. As He told David in Psalm 23, it was His intention that we walk through the valley, not get stuck. Walking my own roads after the death of my son, my parents, and my first marriage, I can say now that each road was different; each one had some very difficult periods and yet God was faithful.

It is my prayer as I write this book that others will also receive God’s healing, life-giving words.”



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