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What’s in a Version? (ePub)


A reader’s view of Bible translation, emphasizing the purpose for which a translation is used.


Author: Henry E. Neufeld

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What goes into translating the Bible? How can a layperson choose a Bible translation and edition from the enormous number available, particularly in the English language.

Author Henry E. Neufeld writes about Bible translations from his knowledge as a student of Biblical languages, and his experience teaching them to laypeople and discussing them on the internet. He addresses the questions that readers have, rather than just translation theory questions that might interest translators.

Many people have questions about translations because they do not understand how translations are produced, so the views of translators are important. Much of the material available is either polarizing or is provided to advocate a particular version. Every version comes with publisher hype. What should the reader believe?

What’s in a Version? strives to provide a basis for lay students to understand how translations are made so they can understand the arguments and become confident of the Bible version they choose to use for reading and study. Ultimately, the author’s aim is to help readers find the version they will read, consistent with his belief that it doesn’t matter how accurate an unread Bible is.

This book is aimed at a lay audience, but can also be helpful for Sunday School teachers and pastors who want to communicate biblical material effectively with congregations, classes, and small groups.

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