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  • Overcoming Sermon Block


    When called on to preach, whether you are a pastor or lay preacher, do you sometimes find yourself blocked? “Writer’s block is a common complaint from many authors. They reach a point sometimes when they simply cannot produce anything worth reading. Preachers often encounter this same kind of roadblock when they attempt to prepare sermons.”-…

  • The Battle for Eternity


    The War for Souls Circa: Now

    Spiritual warfare and the life of the Christian believer and the Christian community today. Building on a variety of scriptures, but with a concentration in the messages to the seven churches, this book covers the ground of Christian issues today.

  • Holidays, Holy Days, & Special Days


    Preview / Retailers What’s a preacher to do with holidays? Some seem to almost preach themselves, especially those in the church calendar. Others are more secular or may seem to conflict with the church calendar. Some are even controversial and require a gentle, but firm touch of the preacher’s art. William Powell Tuck is a…

  • The Character of Our Discontent


    The Character of Our Discontent grew out of the author’s conviction that pastors do not preach enough about the Old Testament. The result is 19 chapters, each of which represents a sermon on an Old Testament character. These sermons are lively, fast paced, and practical yet are rooted in sound scholarship and are examples of…