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  • Well into the Night, poetry by Andreas Fleps

    Well into the Night


    Well into the Night is a collection of poetry that will call to you from your own depths, and invite you to imagine new things.

    “These are essential poems, reaching for new meaning in old mythologies, damning the mythologies that fail.” — From the Foreword, by Pádraig Ó Tuama

  • Habitation of Honey


    Habitation of Honey can be one of the means God uses to prepare the way of the Lord. As John the Baptist in the wilderness ate wild HONEY, he was growing strong in spirit for the day he would recognize the Messiah. He immersed himself in the Word of God, “honey” for his soul, so…

  • noise flash


    Preview/Retailers Lee Baker has been writing songs since middle school. As a member of several bands, he became the primary lyricist, writing a huge collection of songs that were never used. He did study poetry in college, but it was the sermon poets and metaphysical poets that struck his interest and have been an influence…

  • Poetic Diversities


    Poetry is art through the expression of words filled with emotions. The reader determines the beauty by what one deciphers. – Tabitha Edwards-Walton First-time author Tabitha Edwards-Walton brings the reader into her observations on relationships, love, parenting, and more. You may find yourself with her as she walks along the ocean and muses on love…

  • Poetic Life Experiences


    Tabitha Edwards-Walton brings us another serving of her wonderful poetry. This time she ushers us into the emotions and experiences of life. I will go through the house and turn on all the lights. Then I will go and turn them off one by one. When I come to yours. I know the tears will…

  • Poetic Love Essentials


    Tabitha Edwards-Walton presents her third book of poetry, deftly applying her skill at painting pictures of our emotions into words. What is love? How does it manifest with children? With whoever is the mother and father in your life? How do we experience it when it is miraculous? When it is tragic? When it is…