Energion Publications publishes books by a number of distinguished SDA authors, including both books of general interest, and a few focused on issues specific to the Adventist community.

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    History and Christian Faith

    Preview / Retailers A basic Christian claim is that God is active in human history to accomplish his purpose, which he will do in the end. This book considers some of the implications of this far-reaching claim. Christian faith is … Read More
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  • Seventh-Day Adventists and the Bible

    Retailers In debates about the authority of the Bible, people commonly argue that the Bible is inspired, even inerrant, and therefore that it has authority. Is this argument valid? Dr. Edward W. H. Vick argues that it is not, that … Read More
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    The Adventists’ Dilemma

    Edward W. H. Vick provides an unbiassed assessment of the claim that you can go on speaking of the Second Advent as ‘soon’ after having said so for centuries, followed by a constructive statement suggesting a more honest approach derived … Read More
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  • Creation in Scripture

    Preview / Retailers The creation-evolution controversy is one of the most contentious in Christianity. It may appear to many to be much less important than issues with more direct moral implications. Yet how we view the relationship between science and … Read More
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  • Creation: The Christian Doctrine

    Preview / Retailers Christian discussions of creation or origins typically start with one of the standard positions on this contentious doctrine and then presents the arguments in favor of that position. In this book, Edward W. H. Vick looks at … Read More
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    Death, Immortality, and Resurrection

    Preview / Retailers The question of what happens after death has fascinated human beings for as long as we’ve had any sense of spirituality. There have been popular books, stories of speculative fiction, reports of visions, and serious Bible studies … Read More
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  • Directed Paths

    Preview / Retailers Directed Paths is a book of prayer experiences that will challenge your faith and your Determination to serve God while giving you new strength and encouragement. Each story reflects a Biblical principle or promise as retired missionary … Read More
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    Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide (Direct)

    In this first volume of the Participatory Study Series to deal with a doctrine rather than with a book of the Bible, Dr. Edward W. H. Vick tackles the very difficult subject of eschatology, or last things. This is not … Read More
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  • Finding My Way in Christianity

    Finding My Way in Christianity: Recollections of a Journey is a story of dealing with the differences within the Christian community that is both personal and theologically reflective. With a diverse cross-cultural background, exceptional theological education, and fascinating personal experience, … Read More
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    From Inspiration to Understanding

    Dr. Edward W. H. Vick has a reputation for being abstract and detailed, and both of those qualities, along with thoroughness and comprehensiveness describe this book. I’m the author of When People Speak for God, a book on the same topic written for a much more general audience, and if this book had been published before mine, I would have doubtless had a hundred footnotes to Dr. Vick’s work.

    This book isn’t for everyone. It’s for the serious student. If you don’t want to think seriously about how the Bible came to be, how God inspires, and what this means for our studies, by all means avoid this book. But if you want to thoroughly study those issues making full use of philosophy and systematic theology, this book is for you.

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    Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of Your Soul

    Preview / Retailers Human hunger for God is intense and universal. Even if suppressed or denied, it cries out silently from the depths. Such hunger is not a wish to know about God, but rather a quest to encounter Him. … Read More
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    Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers

    Preview / Retailers Is the Bible historically accurate? Are there any contradictions in the Bible? If we look too closely at the Bible might we find things that will destroy our faith? Should I be afraid that some new archeological … Read More
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