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A Day for Joy


Experiencing the Sabbath Day

How to see the Sabbath as a gift and a source of joy and restoration.


Author: Keith Clouten

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Many people think of the Sabbath as a requirement, even a burden, and one that is difficult to accomplish. Can the Sabbath day instead be a gift, a blessing, even joyful?

In this book Keith Clouten looks at the biblical background and the theological underpinnings of the Sabbath in order to understand why such a day was instituted, what we can learn from it, and how we can benefit from this gift of God.

This is not a theological treatise or an extended argument about days. Rather, working from his own experience and scriptural knowledge, the author helps the reader learn from the command, and to experience its joy as God’s gift. It is a special experience for a reader to listen while an author talks about an object of love, and even passion. In this book, you may discover such feelings about a day.

This book is for anyone who wants to experience God’s presence more fully and to understand our relationship to God’s creation through history and in the present.

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