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  • The Gospel According to Mark: A Participatory Study Guide


    What can we learn from a serious study of the shortest gospel? In this 15th volume of the Participatory Study Series, Bob McKibben opens up the gospel of Mark in new ways. Often considered of secondary theological value, more of a short story version of the gospel, Bob presents Mark as history and serious theology…

  • The Last Words from the Cross


    The Cross. The central symbol of the Christian faith. “Can a church be an authentic Church and not focus on the cross?” William Powell Tuck began answering that question in his book, The Church Under the Cross, and now he leads us into the second part of his answer in his new book, The Last…

  • Why Four Gospels?


    A short but thorough discussion of the order in which the gospels were written, challenging the dominant view, which is Markan priority.