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Gomorrah Was Religious Too



Author: Christopher D. Surber

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Chris Surber brings his passion for Christ again to his third book, Gomorrah Was Religious Too, as he writes “for all those who desire to follow after Christ sincerely, no pretense, no dishonesty, no self deception, and no duplicity. I wrote this book for me.” The impetus for this book came as he was reading some of the works of Dr. Leonard Ravenhill, evangelist and author of many books, including Sodom Had No Bible. “His words, etched in paper with quill and ink, speak to me on a deep level because I am, as I suspect he was, weary of religion and deeply desirous of the revelation of God to spark revival in the Church. After less than a decade in the Pastoral ministry, I have experienced, witnessed, or seen firsthand the spiritual, emotional, familial, social, and even financial havoc that religion is wreaking on the revolution that Jesus inaugurated in His own blood.” The goal of the author is not to rebuke, but encourage the Church to rebuild. He wants not to condemn for religious idolatry, but encourage to escape from the trap of religion and pick up the Cross. “The writing of Ravenhill has greatly fueled my imagination concerning what the Church can be if she will open her Bible in honesty, pray with penitent sincerity, strap on her sandals, pick up her walking stick, and follow after Jesus, rather than to sit comfortably in her pews, happily trading in the revelation of Jesus for the religion of man.”


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