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The Seven: Taking a Closer Look at What It Means to Be a Deacon


A challenge to the church to reform the deacon ministry as a force for service in our communities and our world.


Author: Lonnie Davis Wesley

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Do you know what it means to be a deacon? Is this office in the church still relevant today?

Dr. Lonnie Davis Wesley believes that deacons have an important role to play, but that church traditions and failures in leadership and education have often made deacons ineffective, or given them tasks to which they are not called and for which they are not equipped.

He goes back to the first deacons, chosen and set apart in Acts 6, for a model for the ministry of deacons in the modern church. In doing so, he finds that we need to re-learn and re-apply the lessons of scripture and history so that the church can be fully effective in ministry.

The Seven: Taking a Closer Look at What It Means to Be a Deacon is a comprehensive guide to reforming and recharging your church’s deacon ministry. It includes guides to help you develop an education program to prepare deacons for ministry, and to aid your congregation in supporting that ministry.

This book may be read by individuals, but it will find its greatest use as a tool for building a strong deacon ministry in any congregation.


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