dreamstime_xl_25646449_medium Each week we will be giving away one book via the Energion Discussion Network, Nurturing Creativity, and our various social media platforms.  Comments made on any platform are eligible, provided the meet the standards listed below.
The rules are simple:

  1. Comment on any post that interests you, even posts from earlier. Each substantive comment from an eligible reader will count as a giveaway entry. If you comment more than once during the week, each additional comment will count as an entry provided that it also advances the discussion. (See below for definitions of “substantive” and “advancing the discussion.”)
  2. Comments on social media must be visible on our page/feed as appropriate. We won’t go hunting for comments on shared posts, for example.
  3. The winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entires. We need an e-mail address to use in notifying you if you are a winner. The random selection is done electronically.
  4. Any book by any author who appears on one of the blogs or in one of our Hangouts is available. The winner will be able to choose one (1) book from this list. Allow up to two weeks for delivery of your selected book.
  5. Comments may be negative or positive and may take any point of view, but must not resort to obscenity. An easy rule of thumb is to ask whether your comment would threaten our family friendly reputation.
  6. If there is at least one eligible entry, the prize will be awarded.
  7. The giveaway will run from Friday, 12:01 am to Thursday midnight each week.
  8. The winner will be notified by e-mail and will be announced on our Global Christian Perspectives program each Friday. GCP starts at 4 pm central time. After the winner is announced on GCP it may be announced elsewhere as well.


We collect your e-mail address with each comment. We will use that e-mail address solely to notify you if you are the winner of the contest, or to contact you if we need your help with something related to your user account on this site. We will not use it to send out advertising. We may, at our discretion, include notices of other materials in the e-mail that notifies you you are a winner.

Eligible Readers

Energion Publications employees, contractors, and authors are not eligible to receive prizes. All others are eligible except where participation may be limited or prohibited by law.

Comment Rating

Your viewpoint is never a factor in determining the rating of your comment. Any substantive comment is acceptable for a first entry. Further entries require a comment that advances the discussion.

Substantive Comment

A substantive comment must say something about the post that is identifiably about that particular post. A comment that says “Good job!” could apply to any post and is not substantive. “I appreciate what you are saying about [subject]” will count as substantive. This tells us that you are reading the material.

Comment that Advances the Discussion

This goes beyond substantive and adds new material or suggests additional ways of thinking about the issue. This could be as simple as noting another Bible verse. Again, whether you agree or disagree with the author is not an issue; whether you say something about the topic is.

Rating Comments

Decisions by the Energion Publications staff (including volunteers) will be final on which comments are eligible for entry.
The bottom line on comments is that if you participate in the discussion, you will be making entries for the giveaway, while if you just try to make entries, you may have difficulty!

Social Media Platforms

You may enter comments on any of our social media platforms and those comments will count as entries.
Despite the fact that this giveaway is not conducted on a YouTube channel, we find their community contest guidelines are quite valuable. If you violate any of those guidelines, your comment will not be eligible for the drawing, and in fact may, at our discretion, be removed from this site.

Further Questions

You can read our more complete privacy policy on our main web site at Energion.com. In addition, you can find out more about Energion Publications from the Info menu at the top of that page.
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